Posted by: St John's School | February 7, 2017

Coin Trail 1/3/17

COIN TRAIL – Wednesday 3rd March

Dear Parents,

The P.T.A have a great fundraising event coming up and in addition a way to help you get rid of your unwanted shrapnel! We are going to have a “coin trail” on the afternoon of Wednesday 1st of March (weather permitting). The classes will compete with each other to see who can collect the most coins, EVEN foreign currency!This will be judged by measuring which class can create the longest trail of coins across the playground! The winning class will be lucky enough to come to school in their own choice of clothes on Friday March 3rd.

Each class will be provided with a bottle to try and fill with coppers or silver and each week in assembly the bottles will be compared. All contributions should be brought into the children’s own classroom where they will be amalgamated.

Let the collecting begin!

Thank you very much




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