Posted by: St John's School | April 22, 2016

Parking – Please read

Dear Parents

I am sure like me that you are all hoping the church work is nearing completion so that parking problems can begin to be alleviated.

However the Horder Centre has contacted me regarding some potentially dangerous incidents including;
-Children being dropped off/picked up in and around the vicinity of their main entrance.
-Parking occurring down the entire length of the approach road to the mini roundabout which is causing traffic jams and difficulty for patients attending appointments.
-Also some children are being allowed to run and play in the wooden area behind their workshops and near a stone wall which has a sheer drop down into the car park.
Please note that these are not areas designated for general access.

Please ensure that you continue to park, drop off and pick up your children showing respect for other road users and pedestrians and of course our wonderful Lollipop Lady!



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