Posted by: St John's School | December 8, 2015

House Keeping Reminders

Dear Parents,

Please may I remind you all of the protocol for children who are not in school. If your child is absent due to illness, please call the office by 9:15am. For a medical appointment, sight of a letter or appointment card is now required. If you intend to collect your child before the end of the school day then permission must be obtained in advance in writing/e-mail from the class teacher. A form is available from the office for any other reasons.
Lastly, for safe guarding purposes, children should not be dropped off before 8:40am and the front entrance is only to be used for visits to the office. Visitors and parents who are helping in school should report to the office, sign in & ensure a visitors badge is clearly worn during the school day 9am to 3:15pm.
Thank you for your cooperation.

With kind regards,

Sue Roberts


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