Posted by: St John's School | November 13, 2015


Dear Parents

What a horrible email this would be if I was writing to let you know that one of our children had been fatally injured in the forest car park or on the roads adjacent to school.

This thankfully is not the case …but it may well have been if the complaints I have received this week had actually resulted in an accident.
These complaints have come from local residents, other road users (not connected with the school) and parents themselves.
All these groups of people have expressed in various ways their concern for the safety of our children which is being compromised by the inconsiderate way some people park.

I know that the closure of the Church Car Park has aggravated the difficulties associated with parking particularly in the forest Car Park, School Lane and at the junction with St John’s Road.
However there is really no excuse to park in such a way that you are either breaking the law or more importantly endangering the lives of our children and other pedestrians.

Sadly I have no ‘magic solution’ to the problem other than to ask you to ensure that you park with consideration to others at all times,
(and thank the majority of you who show the upmost care when parking near to the school).

Thank you in anticipation of your considerate parking in the future.

Laura Cooper



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