Posted by: St John's School | October 24, 2014

New arrangements for the start of the school day

Dear Parents

We would like to introduce a new morning routine for the children from Monday 3rd November.

Instead of lining up on the playground children will be allowed to come into school from 8.40am and go direct to their classrooms. Year R and 1 will be able to go into their classrooms from the playground. All the other children will need to come into school via the ‘playground door’ – it would be greatly appreciated if you could say “good bye” to them before they come in to school to avoid congestion in the corridors. If the playground door is shut when they arrive children should come in via the main entrance door (i.e. after 9.00am).

We are trialling this routine in the hope that it may ease some of the parking issues; as parents will be able to drop their children off and then leave. We also anticipate it will ensure that all the children are ready to start lessons at 9.00am when morning registration ends.

Laura Cooper


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