Posted by: St John's School | April 23, 2010

Parent Letter :: Thanks from Mrs Mooney

Hi everybody

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and children who gave me cards, gifts and good luck wishes on my departure from St John’s.

The flowers were beautiful and lasted well into the Easter holiday. Somebody must have known that I have a bit of a pechantfor note books so that was an inspired gift. And of course one can never have too many pens! My other vice (it would seem that I have a few) is books -the local charity shops do rather well with my cast-offs but with the book tokens I received I am going to buy a special flower arranging book so that is also perfect.

The messages in the cards meant a great deal to me and are something I can keep and look back on. I will of course miss life at St John’s but I’m looking forward to my new start and getting creative with flowers.

Many thanks again.

Jo Mooney

St John’s CE Primary School

School Lane,
East Sussex
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